Digital Lifecycle: SEO/SEM, Adwords & Facebook

“I’m not giving Google or Facebook any of my money.”

It still amazes me when I speak to business owners who have taken this stance. Famous last words?

The game has changed people.

If you’ve ever seen the TV series Mad Men, you’ll know that once upon a time, advertising used to be quite an inaccurate practice revolving around wild creative and expensive magazine, newspaper and billboard placements.

Back then it was a sport played mostly by the ‘big guys’ and was largely ‘hit and miss’ at that. Considered by many as the black hole of business, traditional advertising was virtually impossible to attribute a predictive ROI.

Now though, as an advertiser in the digital age, targeting has become so precise, efficient and effective – so directly attributable to end sales it’s difficult to imagine how you’d survive in business without it. Though it seems to be taking a while for the reality of the landscape around us to dawn on some Boomers.

Digital marketing is cyclical

As I’m sure you’re aware; squeezing the most out of your marketing spend is an increasingly valuable skill because Google and Facebook have made the game a whole lot more strategic and methodical.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have become further and further intertwined as Google and Facebook advance both their advertising and content algorithms.

Harnessing inbound through content marketing (by producing blogs, whitepapers and other such lead magnets) has now given way to the rise of fully integrated Landing Pages and Sales Funnels along with automated email sequences…

And all this activity, of course, benefits organic searchability. 

Content, Creative & Spend

Yes, good creative is as important as ever but reach is now what is available to everyone, big or small – and you ought to be leveraging it while you can.

‘Turning the screws’ on your campaigns is the what you’re paying your Digital Marketer for.

Think of us as your stockbroker and your ads, keywords and campaigns as commodities.

In line with this thinking ~ your IP and the creative marketing products you produce have truly become your business’ assets.

Get SMART 99

Organisation is key. The planning of campaigns has become the important part now…

Yes, there’s a degree of agility needed once you’re in ‘open water’ but selecting demographic parameters, timing your spend and connecting all the digital dots need prior consideration.

To this end, it makes a lot of sense to ‘DO THE WORK’ beforehand, breaking campaigns down into S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives.

Doing so will benefit you in many (immeasurable) ways but your hip pocket is likely to be one of them. 

Working with the right resources could mean aligning yourself with a good digital acumen, and like lawyers there are certainly good and bad ones.

Hand holding will cost you, but if you’ve done your homework you can make sure the technician you choose is on the same page as you are. At least if you’re organised you’ll have a leg to stand on.

For those who don’t have a spare arm or a leg, there are good resources available to help you on your way. You’ll just need to invest the time.

In the interest of shining a light into dark places, Embrya are putting the preaching into practice, you’ll find an ever growing list in our ‘assets’ dropdown in the main navigation of our website.

The one we think will particularly benefit you if you are ready to take the plunge is our new DIY Marketing Campaign Template which includes an example project as a reference guide.

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