Marketing Case Study

ComSpark is a Perth based electrical contracting business, founded in 1997.

At any one time the company has up to 12 vehicles on the road and employs 25 staff members - making it among the top 5% of WA electrical firms by size.
From late 2013 to mid 2015 (a period of 18 months) Embrya Founder and Coordinator Ryan Briggs served ComSpark as a Marketing Executive, working closely with his mentor the late Paul Curtis, along with General Manager Kimberley Marshall and Operations Manager Mark Rooney.
The following case study distinguishes the successful process and outcomes administered
It was identified by ComSpark’s management team that unless they explored and gained alternative means of business, the present state of the company and its growth plans would become unsustainable. As such, it was clear additional resources would be required to assist with lead generation and prospect nurturing to support growth into commercial markets.
``Ryan came onboard at ComSpark ahead of a time of uncertainty for the business. We knew in advance that a Government contract we were relying on was set to change its terms of operation and had the potential to disrupt our revenue stream” Says Kimberley
“Hiring me in November meant I could get started immediately on planning activities for the following year (2014). To my mind, it’s ideal to be launching and speaking about a ‘new’ approach or applying ‘fresh’ messages when business returns in a new year, as people are generally coming back to work with a renewed mindset at this time.” says Ryan
Between November and January Ryan set about developing a new company website with the view for it to initially become a sales and support tool to backup the immediate activities of the new Business Development Manager.
Prior to redeveloping, the ComSpark website had a very basic online presence built on the Google Sites platform; it was doing little to generate enquiries for the business in a highly competitive field. Upon deciding that WordPress would be the platform of choice, given its ubiquity, a theme was customised along with numerous plugins and third-party integrations.
Once the elementary components were in place, Ryan set about developing content assets by including project Case Studies and a regularly updated Blog. Not only would this content have the upfront benefit of qualifying the business as a suitable supplier, but also that of elevating
ComSpark’s Google keyword listings. Coupled with Google Adwords management, the new content certainly helped to achieve this goal as ComSpark began to dominate its competitors for relevant ‘Electrical’ related keyword rankings.
“Ryan’s work with the website was outstanding! The visuals and design elements he introduced made a big difference, as did having everything in its rightful place so as to prove our credentials. Streamlining the online enquiry process meant we could process these more effectively too, collecting details we require to verify a costing.” says Kimberley
With the website gaining new authority for the business as well as providing a comprehensive information resource, Ryan refocused his efforts toward activities that would be more proactive in acquiring new business.
The commencement of targeted lead generation as well as the introduction of ‘follow-up’ emails with existing customers were determined as being the key essentials to developing new commercial interest.
It was with profitability in mind that targeted campaigns began in earnest with a combination of email marketing, traditional letter writing and appointment setting. Ryan also sort to produce new content regularly for a monthly eNewsletter based on topical, newsworthy and seasonal subject matter.
“Turning customers into ‘raving fans’ is one, if not the best form of marketing there is.” says Ryan. “Following up completed jobs every Monday, meant that we had an opportunity to obtain the customer’s POV while it was fresh in their mind. In doing so, we could also gauge and rectify a problem if one existed or request an online review if their feedback was really positive - when the likelihood they will take action is higher.”
Working with the BDM, the pair were able to acquire multiple streams of new work across numerous sectors, bridging a gap in business as the realisation of their forecast (regarding the Government contract) came to fruition.
“In nature, electrical jobs can vary substantially in size and scope between commercial, industrial and residential with regards to profitability… Over nearly 30 years ComSpark has refined its scope of business down to groups of ideal clients with particular qualities.” says Kimberley
Later in 2014, ComSpark was nominated for a state award through the national governing body NECA, by developing the very first integrated Visual Audio Learning system (iVALS) for the food-tech department of a local private school.
Together Ryan, the Operations Manager and General Manager transformed an initial concept into a fledgling product offering, accompanied with a well-defined brand, website and set of sales material.
Not only were they recognised for their innovative solution project, but they went on to win the WA Small Project of the Year award, gaining ComSpark notoriety among peers and prospects within the highly valued private school sector.
“Not only did Ryan contribute substantially to the development of the nomination, but he took the ball and ran with it in terms of progressing the idea as a product offering. Later that year we also held a Professional Development Day event after partnering with Home Economics Association and several of our ideal potential clients were in attendance - which became an ideal situation to nurture those relationships.” says Kimberley