A Philosophy uniquely Embrya

The overarching ideology and aspiration for Embrya is to rapidly grow the entity into being (potentially the first) not-for-profit marketing agency - in a very real sense.

The driving force behind it all are our values, which also work as our brand guidelines. Just as our values guide us toward our objectives, our anti-values help us distinguish what isn’t desirable and potentially destructive to our journey.



Integrity (Authenticity)

Autonomy (Freedom)

Openness (Honesty)

Growth (Fallible)

Natural (Organic)


Arrogance (Pride)

Greed (Self Service)

Unforgiving (Resentment)

Exploitation (Using for Gain)

Manipulation (Game Playing)

Presently, we don’t have the structure to support ‘not-for-profit’ status, but we expect to have this established around the end of 2017 and ready for launch in 2018. Yes, we have some lofty ambitions! But at its core is helping people, not only from a customer service provision POV, but also as a beneficiary to others far less fortunate.

Most companies make profit to benefit themselves and shareholders (most companies). There are companies out there which make profit and pass it on to members or customers.

How many companies do you know of (other than charities themselves) make profit solely to benefit third-world growth projects?

Ryan Briggs, Embrya Founder

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